With them we can do it!

Every one of these works is made possible thanks to the presence of brave women who are not afraid to give their lives for an ideal, who look to go to the places where the presence of the Church is emerging or where the people need answers, human and spiritual formation. Out of love, these women put their lives at risk.

Every great work requires people who give themselves to it completely. Even with all of the material means, it would be most difficult for a great work to exist or to endure if there is no one who assumes the responsibility of its execution, or who works with zeal and pours out her life completely for the work.

For this reason it is very important to prepare them to go anywhere in the world and once there to know how to respond to the difficulties that arise and to persevere in the path they have chosen.

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We need to prepare them, Do you want to help us?

How do we prepare them?

Our formation consists in philosophical, theological, biblical, and apostolic studies along with practical experience. This provides them with a solid foundation in order to fulfill the future work that they will each assume, always in accordance with the spirituality and mission of the Institute, looking to acquire an authentic integral formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. This formation is attained in places suited for this end.

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"They make it possible"


We need to prepare them, help us!