“With them we can do it!”

What is the Foundations Project?

This project is dedicated to supporting the brave women dedicated to an ideal that impels them with limitless generosity towards the needs of others.  Out of love, these women pour out their lives courageously doing the good.

 There are many ways to give to these women who themselves have given everything. 

Why does this Project matter?

Every great work requires people who give themselves to it completely. Even with all of the material means,  a great work cannot begin or  endure without one who assumes responsibility for its execution, and with zeal and determination carries it forth.

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Help Us Prepare Them!

How do we prepare them?

Our formation consists in philosophical, theological, biblical, and apostolic studies along with practical experience. This provides a solid foundation in order to fulfill the future work each will assume.  The spirituality and mission of the Institute demands an authentic and integral formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. 

Join Us In this Work!

What are the material needs of the Foundations Project?

Costs of Living

  • Housing
  • Gas and Electric
  • Food
  • Travel Costs
  • Medical Expenses

Student Costs

  • Academic and office supplies
  • Desks and Chairs
  • Lighting
  • Computers and Programs

Before she can teach, she must learn.

Thank you for supporting the Foundations Project, so that the good work may continue through them!

our Locations

San Rafael, Argentina

Arequipa, Peru

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Krykhivtsi, Ukraine

Washington, DC, United States

Loja, Ecuador

Alexandria, Egypt

Lipa, Philippines

Paramaribo, Suriname

Ushetu, Tanzania

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Be A Part of Our Work!

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Foundations Project