“Women helping women

This project began when two girls in the Philippines asked our religious sisters for help to “escape from the temptation of prostitution.

¡Now we are helping hundreds of girls and youth!

What is the Filia Project ?

“Women helping women”

They are homes that protect girls, adolescents, and youth who have been abandoned, some of who also are victims of abuse, or find themselves in situations of moral danger. We seek to offer all of them an atmosphere where they can live, develop their abilities, feel protected and live without fear so that in the future they can realize their ideals.  

It is an opportunity to make a great positive impact on yourself and on others and to be a strong force to achieve an increase in the dignity and development of the human person. This is what makes a difference !!!

Our activities

During the week, girls and students attend schools and universities; in the afternoon they have a rest time and then they do their homework like in a family; during vacation time they participate in camps, training days, popular mission.

But we can achieve all of this with the collaboration of people who defend and care about the dignity of women.

¿quieres ayudar?

Our Locations

With your help we can provide a home to girls, youth, and university students.

"Women who help women"

Help us to give a new opportunity !!!

“We do not have in our hands the solution to all the problems of the world,
but in the face of the problems of the world we have our hands.”

filia Project