Feet on the Ground

"Real People, Real Challenges, Real Triumphs."

What is the "Feet on the Ground" Project?

In this project we confront limited resources and infrastructure, the reality of persecution, and difficult economic circumstances. 

We go, no matter cost or risk, in search of people who need medical attention, food, clothing, education and community. 

Go with us where few others want to go.

Having your feet on the ground means you take in reality as it is. You do not exaggerate or multiply difficulties nor diminish them. 

"Feet on the Ground"

With our feet on the grounds of difficult and distant places the good that must be done is clear. We are here.  We are ready. 

Courageously do the good.

Our Locations

Aleppo, Syria

syria aleppo

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Cuzco, Peru


Omsk, Russia

Santiago del Estero, Argentina


Charity, Guyana

Philadelphia, United States

La Plata, Argentina



Ushetu, Tanzania

Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

Caloocan, Philippines

Paramaribo, Suriname






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