What is Stand in the Breach?

“To the ends of the earth”

There are many women who risk their lives in order to bring hope to places where, because of the difficulty, language, culture, the reality of persecution, or the situation of the country, few want to go.

These women want to go in search of people who need medical attention, food, clothing, or who  because of the setbacks of life need to be heard and accompanied.

What is important to us is not what we do but that WE ARE ABLE
to do it!

Some of Our Locations

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Syria - Aleppo

This country has been hit hard by the war. people need someone who can listen to them, give them a few words of encouragement and provide necessary material goods in a country poverty stricken by war.

Brazil - Sao Paolo

here the sisters teach children how to read and write, visit and take care of the sick, care for the poor in one of the biggest slum areas of Sao Paolo

Peru - Cotahuasi - Cusco

We seek to find every family in the mountains with the intention of educating and helping them with needs such as clothing, medicine, etc.

Philippines - Caloocan

We care for people in one of the biggest slum areas in order to give them food, clothing, medical attention, etc. We also organize formation talks for children, youth, and adults.

Tanzania - Ushetu (Kahama)

We have a small school as well as a hospital that attends to more than 100 patients every day. We visit the villages and help with the integral formation of families.

Iceland - Reykjavík

We visit the towns all along the coast even in the harshest winter to visit the families, the sick and the elderly. We also teach catechism in many differnt outreach stations and by internet in the winter.

Papua New Guinea - Vanimo

We visit the villages in the jungle, attend to the sick, help women to give birth, educate children and adults.

Stand in the Breach

Suriname - Paramaribo