What we do


In order to fulfill all of these works, our missionaries need a time of formation. Help us to support our vocations.

SSVM ONLUS operates by means of aid in the following areas:

  • Formation / alphabetization
  • Health
  •  Promotion and Development
  • Costruction
  • Publication and Mass Media
  • Support to missionaries

Our works especially address the following needs:

  • Orphaned and abandoned children
  • The handicaped and lepers
  • Undernourishment and Hunger
  • The elderly and abandoned

We work by means of:

  • First Aid Centers
  • Provision and Reception of medicine and first aid supplies
  • Homes for High Risk Youth
  • Alphabetization programs
  • Building construction for worship, education, missionary housing
  • Betterment of the living condition of those in poverty
  • Provision of furnishing of these buildings
  • Support and Formation of Missionaries
  •  Diffusion of Culture by means of mass comunication (radio, internet, tv), and translations in local languages or dialects, in order to elevate the mind and enable knowledge of the Truth

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