A Holy Christmas

Dear Friends, We want to thank you for your constant support to our missions and wish you all a Holy Christmas. We commit our prayers for each of you and your families, imploring the Child Jesus his heavenly blessings, most especially the gift of his Peace. We want to share with you some films of the Christmas Concert offered by…

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Work progress in the Home “San José Benito Cottolengo” in Peru.

"Hogar San José Benito Cottolengo"

Dear friends, Here we share with you some photos of the building work progress for the rehabilitation center of our Home. Thanks to generous and good-hearted people, we’re being able to finish this integral rehabilitation center for children with different abilities. This center will not just help our 35 children but also any child and teenager who needs of these…

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15th anniversary of the founding of the Children’s Home “Antonietta Meo” Chuquibamba, Peru


The Joy of Giving “The most important thing is not what we give, but we love to give.” On Sunday July 4th the Children’s Home “Antonietta Meo” celebrated its 15th anniversary of foundation. This home was founded in 2000 in a small village in height, Chuquibamba, 5 hours from the city of Arequipa. Currently they are living in the household…

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House for Children with special needs, “José Benito Cottolengo” online

Our House for Children with special needs, “José Benito Cottolengo” is already online thanks to benefactors and volunteers! Here are the links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hogarcito-de-Ni%C3%B1os-Especiales-San-Jose-Benito-Cottlengo/664502953604940?fref=ts Blog: http://hogardecottolengo.blogspot.com/ Website: http://hogarcottolengoperu.com/ Thankyou! With our prayers …. sisters and children    

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