sostegno ai nostre missionarie

logosostegno-engWho is behind a “mission”?

Behind every mission, besides the building and the diverse development programs, are the missionaries…the workers, in other words the people that dedicate their whole lives to the service of their brothers and sisters.
A missionary imparts his or her ministry with joy and dedication. This ministry can mean often times much denial and sacrifice, such as leaving one’s own country, family, learning a new language, adapting to a different culture, etc. But the missionary understands that without this many people would not have the possibility to know the Gospel, to obtain a better way of life, education, hope.

How do you become “a worker” of the mission?

A missionary needs a long period of preparation, directed towards the precious work that they will fulfill: build a better world for their brothers and sisters.
This implies an accurate and integral human, intellectual and spiritual formation.
Where are our missionaries formed?
We have houses of formation in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Ecuador, the Philippines, Italy, Peru, the United States and the Ukraine.
We are missionary sisters, after 1 year of novitiate and 3 years of philosophical, theological and biblical studies, we receive a missionary destination.

Where do our missionaries work?

We have homes of mercy where we care for orphaned or abandoned children in Peru, Argentina, the Ukraine, Italy, Brazil and Egypt. We have homes of mercy where we care for disabled children and adults in Albania, Bethlehem, Argentina. We care for the elderly in Spain, Italy and Iraq.
We have missions within the Byzantine Rite in the Ukraine and Siberia, as well as the Coptic Rite in the Middle East.
Many of our sisters teach in our schools, some study to become nurses and help in missions, some are dedicated to the social means of communication publishing books and magazines or creating informative web sites.
In Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia we have homes of mercy where our sisters assist the most poor, attending to the sick and needy: the Love of Christ urges us (2 Cor 5,14)
We also have parish apostolate in France, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, New York, Russia, Canada, Chile, Italy, the Philippines, Iceland, etc, assisting in the liturgy, the catechesis, home visitations to the elderly and ill, lay formation through Catholic Culture Courses, education of youth – often times helping those although not materially poor yet spiritually poor.

How can I help a missionary in formation?

  • Language Courses
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation and assistance to arrive at the mission
  • Education
  • Health
  • Building
  • Legal documents and Visas
  • Expenses for vaccinations