A Holy Christmas

Dear Friends, We want to thank you for your constant support to our missions and wish you all a Holy Christmas. We commit our prayers for each of you and your families, imploring the Child Jesus his heavenly blessings, most especially the gift of his Peace. We want to share with you some films of the Christmas Concert offered by…

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Beginnining of the school year in Palestine – Holy Land

ssvm onlus bambini speciali

We have already started the new school year in our institution for children with special needs. The academic year was inaugurated with a special blessing given by our chaplain, Father Pablo de Santo. Also we counted with the presence of Mother Maria de Nazaret, Provincial Superior of the Servants of the Lord in the Middle East and with the presence…

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House of the Divine Mercy in Sao Paulo, Brazil

ssvm onlus misericordia

 Plan for the building of the new wing of the House for disabled people in Sao Paulo, Brazil  Need: Plan of construction of the next stages: (Not yet begun) Stage 3: second floor: consisting of 5 bedrooms, 1 game room and 4 bathrooms. (Not yet begun). Stage 4: a ramp enabling access to the second floor. (Not yet begun). City, Province, Jardim das Fontes, São Paulo…

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